Moving is never an easy feat, but moving when you are trying to parent small children can complicate the process even further. While older kids can be a huge help during a move, children below the age of three or four are not usually old enough to help. And, the chaos of the event can be unsettling for a young child in some ways. If you are a frazzled parent facing an impending move with small children, there are a few tips to keep in mind to help you out along the way.  

1. Contact a moving service for help early on.

Reaching out to a moving service early to schedule the moving day is always a good idea. However, if you have children, you may need a little extra support from extra services. For example, some moving services provide moving and packing supplies and helpful resources.

2. Pack the child's belongings last. 

Make it a point to make the child's bedroom the last room to be packed. This allows them to have that familiar space even when things in the rest of the house are not in order. If you need to get started early, simply focus on packing items that the child may not use every day or rely on, such as clothing from the dresser or toys that the child rarely uses. 

3. Make time for fun activities.

When you have so much to do amid a move, it is easy to spend so much time working that you forget to pencil in time for a bit of fun. Give your child things to look forward to each day, such as a quick trip to the park, reading a book together, or playing a fun game. Getting this one-on-one time can help assure your little one that everything is fine. 

4. Stick to usual routines as much as possible. 

Children fare best in all situations when they know what to expect. Therefore, try your best to stick with the usual routines throughout the move. Make sure meal times are at an expected time, keep bedtime and naptime around the same time each day, and try to create a schedule that is close to normal. 

5. Give the child simple tasks to do. 

While a younger child may not be able to do a lot to help, you can give them busy work to keep their little hands occupied. For example, giving the child a small box and asking them to collect all their toys from around the house may keep them busy for a short time so you can pack some yourself. 

Contact a local moving service to learn more.