Most people simply choose to take the do-it-yourself approach to moving as a means of saving money. The good news is, the ability to save money while enjoying some professional help with your upcoming move can be more than just a hypothetical situation. In fact, this is a reality for many people. To learn whether or not you could actually save money by choosing to hire local movers, ask yourself the three questions outlined below. 

Do You Plan to Take Time off Work to Pack, Move, or Both?

If you are planning to take time off of work to pack your belongings or to actually move from one house to another, this time off of work will need to be figured into the cost of your move. After all, while you may not actually be spending money, you also are not making the money that you normally would during this time. Consequently, this lost income must be counted as a moving expense. When you consider this expense, you will likely find that choosing to hire a local moving company to do the job for you quickly becomes the more affordable option. This is especially true when moving larger households since just packing all of your belongings can easily require you to take a substantial amount of time off of work if you do not have a considerable amount of help in completing this task. 

Did You Have to Replace Any Damaged Items the Last Time You Moved?

Covering the cost of replacing even a single large ticket item, such as television or high-end furniture, can greatly increase your overall moving expenses. If you found yourself in this position in the past, you already know how easy it is to accidentally damage items when you are completing the moving task on your own. While past issues with damaged items do not guarantee that items will be damaged during your upcoming move, it can be an indication that you may lack the expertise or equipment necessary to prevent this type of damage. Choosing to hire a local moving company will give you access to this expertise and equipment, as well as providing you with the benefit of insurance coverage if something still manages to get damaged.

Do You Plan to Rent Equipment to Assist With Your Move? 

While renting a basic moving truck is usually rather affordable if you simply consider the per-day rental costs, you will likely find that these per-day costs are only a small portion of what you will actually pay. For example, if you plan to rent equipment such as a dolly or hand truck, this equipment will come with additional fees. You may also find yourself paying for other additional costs such as gas and mileage. Once all of these additional costs are considered, you will likely find that hiring local movers is actually far more affordable than you initially thought.