If you have decided to opt for a self-storage unit, there are various options to consider before making the final choice. While many people go for the type presented to them by the owner, they miss many features when they fail to consider other options.

Here are the three main types of self-storage units you can consider when paying for a rented unit.

Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Facility

As its name suggests, a climate-controlled self-storage facility has spaces that are temperature and humidity-controlled. They are mostly found within enclosed buildings with multiple levels, where temperature and humidity can be controlled explicitly without affecting other rooms' activities. 

Temperature and humidity are not the only features at these types of facilities. Access is only limited to authorized users, and the entire building harboring the storage units is always under tight security. Most of these units also allow users to access their belongings regularly, from morning to late-night hours. If your collection of goods include things like wine, electronics, precision tools, collectibles, and upholstered furniture, then a climate-controlled self-storage unit is yours to book.

Military Storage Unit

The life of military personnel is characterized by constant movements and shifting. Being an army person puts you and your families in a difficult position of owning and managing household items and property. With frequent movements, you need to secure a safe self-storage unit where you can keep your belongings when looking for an ideal place to settle in. These self-storage units are specially made to help you meet your specific storage needs.

Whether you are moving permanently or on a short-term basis, you will always need somewhere to store your things. Most military storage units are situated near military base camps to improve accessibility scores.

Portable Storage Container

A portable or mobile storage unit offers you that extra feature of convenience. You don't have to pack your things and haul them to the location of the storage facility. The company will deliver the unit to your home or office, where you can conveniently pack your stuff. This option saves you a lot of time, and you get the peace of mind of having your belongings close to you all the time.

A portable storage unit is also an excellent solution for temporary warehousing in the period you are waiting to move. You will always check on your items, hence no need to worry about damages and losses.