The process of moving to a new home can ignite a variety of emotions, from excitement to frustration, in the whole family. Hiring a moving company like Kaster Moving Co Inc to take care of most of the physical legwork for you can take a lot of the pressure off. Here are three features the professional movers you decide to hire should be able to offer you:

Supply Sales

Not only should your moving company provide you with the moving boxes you need, but they should also be able to offer you the tape, bubble wrap, wardrobe containers, and even lock boxes for valuables that will be needed to get everything in your home ready for transport. And if you give your moving company a complete list of items that have to be packed for the move, they should be able to provide you with the appropriate type and amount of moving supplies to accommodate your needs.

This way you won't have to buy supplies from third party companies or spend your personal time trying to figure out what kind of supplies you need to efficiently and safely transport all your belongings to your new home.

Storage Services

If your belongings need to be stored for a given amount of time for some reason, such as waiting for your new home to be ready for move-in, the moving company you hire should be able to accommodate you. Instead of going through the trouble of finding a storage unit, signing a contract, paying a security deposit, and spending money on rental costs, you can let your moving company know how long you need your belongings stored and what day everything should be delivered to your new home–and they will take care of the rest.

And even if you don't foresee the need for storage services now, if any of your moving plans change, you might find yourself in need of some storage space unexpectedly. So it's important to make sure the moving company you hire maintains their own personal storage facilities or contracts with a reputable storage company so you'll have the peace of mind of knowing your things will be safe if storage is or becomes a necessity.

Insurance Options

It's also a good idea to make sure that the moving company you hire offers insurance options if you're planning to have them transport anything of significant value to your new home for you. If your valuables are insured and something happens to one or more of them during transport, you can expect to be financially compensated for at least a portion of the value that you lost. This would help you replace the damaged stuff or at least provide you with some closure. If the moving company you hire can't offer you insurance options directly, they should be able to recommend a company that can.