Military personnel have it rough. Transfers, overseas deployment, etc., can all make it difficult to have a place to call home and own anything to call their own. If you serve in one of the four branches of the U.S. military, and you find that you are moved around a lot, you may be struggling to find moving and storage solutions. Here are some suggestions that can help.

Storage Lockers on Base

Some military bases have storage lockers onsite. Usually, they are reserved for high-ranking officers first, but if one becomes available, you can put in a request to secure it as your own. The benefit of getting such a locker is that you know the U.S. government will protect your stuff very well while you are away. You also know that you can come and retrieve it at any time and you know you can expect to find your stuff exactly where you left it.

Discounted Self Storage for Military Personnel

There are many service member-friendly storage properties. These self-storage proprietors offer military personnel and families deep discounts to store their belongings there as a way of saying "thank you" for the services and sacrifices of those defending their country. If no one on base knows of such storage units, ask the nearest twenty properties and their proprietors if they offer such discounts. There is bound to be at least one in the bunch.

Moving off Base

If you are moving off base to a more private home, you will need to A) get military clearance to have a moving company bring a truck onto the base, and B) notify the moving company that its movers will need proper identification to enter the base gates. Then you can load up the truck from your base home or from your storage unit on the base and move out. If you need to return for anything, make sure you lead the way for the movers so that they can easily re-enter the gates. The smarter option is to hire the biggest truck you can so that neither you nor the movers have to come back.

Moving Everything off Base to Storage

Finally, you could move all of your stuff into a high-security storage facility managed by a moving company. This gives you almost the same level of protection as storing your stuff in a military base storage locker, except that it is easier for you to access. The movers can pick everything up on-base and move it into their storage facility off-base, all within a day. That is a major benefit if you are being transferred temporarily or deployed until further notice.

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