If you are moving to a new location, you may dread the first day in your home, worried that you won't be able to find what you need among the mountains of boxes. If so, use the following tips to bring some order to your day after the chaos of moving.

Designate A Separate Staging Area For Immediate Necessities 

Before you start packing up for your move, pick an area in your current home to put everything you will need your first day at your new house. This keeps immediate necessities from getting mixed up with the boxes and furniture.

After you have everything in the staging area, let the moving service you're working with know that those items are not to be put on the truck. These things should go with you in your vehicle to keep them separate from everything else and to keep them easily accessible once you are at your new location.

Keep Essential Items With You In Backpacks 

Any essential items you may need your first day should be kept apart from everything else. One easy way to do this is to place them in separate backpacks, one for each member of your family. To make identification easier, have a different color for each person. That way, each person can place them on their back or easily grab them to place them in your car.

Examples of essential items for you and your family might include medications, snacks or important papers. For your children, you might want to include a couple of favorite toys or games, especially if the drive to your new house takes more than a couple of hours.

Pack What You Need For Your First Night's Meal In A Clear Plastic Tote

While you have the option to order takeout or go out to eat your first day, you may not have the time or extra funds to do so. If this is the case, preplan your first night's meal before you start packing.

When selecting your first meal, try to think of something simple that would not take a lot of ingredients, pans or utensils. For example, you may decide to cook spaghetti your first night. This is made simpler by using jar sauce and a box of premade noodles. Then, all you need is a spoon, two pans and a colander.

Don't forget to pack eating utensils and plates or bowls. Or, you could opt to buy paper plates and plastic utensils.

Put everything you may need to prepare the meal in a clear plastic tote. Having a clear one makes it easier to identify what is in the tote instead of putting it in a box that could potentially get lost in the other ones.

Have A "Go Bag" Ready For Your Pets

If you will be moving with pets, you also want to set a few things aside for them to get them through the first day. Designate a different colored backpack for each pet to make things easier.

For example, if you have a dog, pack a "go bag" with enough food in a plastic baggy for one day, plus a water bowl and any toys that can keep it occupied while you are moving things in. If you have a cat, you also want to include its litter box.

Using the above tips while packing can help you bring some order to your first day in your new home. If you have any questions or are looking for more packing tips, you may want to speak with a representative with the moving service helping you with your move.