Hiring professional packers to pack your belongings before make a big move can relieve a lot of stress and free you up to attend to other tasks. But, don't be lulled into thinking that your job is done once you sign the contract. You still need to prepare your home and belongings for the packers. Follow these tips for getting your home ready before the professionals arrive.

#1 Declutter

Every house has clutter. How much you have depends on the size of your home, how long you've lived there, and the lifestyle of your family. Getting rid of it before the packers arrive will likely save time and money and will eliminate hauling useless items to a new home. It also gives packers more room to move and work efficiently as they pack up your belongings. Declutter your home several weeks before moving day. This includes children's rooms too. Older children can help out by sorting through their own things, but little ones will need your help. Make it a family affair and donate unused or unwanted items that are in good condition to charity, or have a yard sale and let the kids use the money for a going away party or save it for a special activity in the new neighborhood.

#2 Launder Everything

No one wants to handle dirty clothing and bedding, but they aren't the only things that need washing. Your curtains and other decorative fabrics, like wall hangings, could probably use a washing too. Make a trip to the laundromat to wash heavy items and use your washer to wash all the dirty laundry in the house.  This is a great time to wash coats and jackets that haven't been worn in a few months, too. If it's soiled or it smells, even if it been hanging in closet for months, wash it. Not only will it make life more pleasant for the packers, but it will make unpacking and organizing your new home a pleasure, too.

#3 Take Care of Appliances

Your household appliances need a good cleaning too. This includes kitchen appliances, like the stove and fridge, as well as your washer and dryer. Empty the appliance and unplug it. Wash it down both inside and out. Remove shelves and loose parts in the refrigerator and secure the door with tape, rope, or bungee cords.

#4 Prepare Your Electronics

Write down the serial numbers on all your electronics and add it to your home inventory. This will prove invaluable if your electronics are misplaced or damaged in the move. Unplug everything and secure the cords with twist ties or cable ties. Wipe down the outside of the device, including the screen, with the appropriate cleaner. Place all your electronics in one area to make it easier for the packers.

#5 Create a Home Inventory

Creating a home inventory will protect both you and the packers. Although you probably don't need to include every little item in your house, like each of your child's books or tiny toys, you do need to include all valuables. This includes items of sentimental value, too. If the item is important to you, put it on the list. Take photos of big ticket or valuable items for your records. Keep the inventory with you and your other important documents so you can refer to it at the new home when your belongings arrive. It is easy to overlook items when you are busy moving and adjusting to your new home. Having an inventory allows you to assess whether everything arrived safely without relying on your memory during this sometimes chaotic time.

Preparing your belongings for the packers may seem like an added task, but it will make things run more smoothly for everyone. It makes the packers' jobs easier and more efficient and gives you the peace of mind that your belongings will arrive safe and secure in your new home. For more information, see this.