If you are a gaming enthusiast who loves retro Nintendo, Atari, and Sega systems, then you probably have an older CRT television with the correct analog connections. If you are planning on moving and taking this TV with you, then you may be surprised at how heavy it is. CRT televisions are extremely heavy due to their thick glass and the cathode ray tubes inside of them. A smaller 20 inch television will weigh over 50 pounds and a bigger 36 inch TV will weigh over 250 pounds. If you have one of these 36 inch varieties, then you obviously cannot move the TV yourself. You can move it with a friend, but you will need to prepare before you do this.

Protect The Front

The glass on your CRT television is pretty difficult to break. The glass is about 10 millimeters thick and shatter-resistant. However, the glass can start to develop cracks if the screen is placed under a great deal of pressure and stress. This can happen if you drop the television on the screen. This is easy to do because CRTs are front heavy, and the thick leaded glass is responsible for most of the weight. Not only can accidental drops cause screen damage, but they can dislodge electrical components and disrupt the vacuum within the tube. This will leave you with a broken and possibly unusable TV.

You can reduce some of the stress on the screen and the possibility of dislodging electrical parts by covering the glass with a piece of foam. High density foams will absorb the most stress, so purchase a thick piece of closed cell foam. Polyurethane and polypropylene foams will both work well. These foams are commonly used for upholstery cushions and for shipping purposes. Cut the foam to fit over the glass and use bungee cords to secure the foam to the television. 

If you do not want to use foam, you can use bubble wrap to cover the screen. The air in the wrap will provide a good cushion if the television falls on the screen. You will need to buy bubble wrap with the largest bubbles if you want good protection. Typically, the largest bubble wrap will have one-half inch bubbles, so purchase this type of product. Double up the wrap with the bubbles facing the glass screen and secure it in place with bungee cords or twine. 

Buy A Moving Cart And Straps

Large CRT televisions are not only extremely heavy, but they are bulky with a v-shape along the back where the tube sits inside the TV. This makes the television difficult to pick up and move, even for two strong adults. Your best option to pick up and move the television is to use moving tools and equipment. You should buy or rent a steel moving cart with a flat and solid bottom and four wheels. The carts are typically called tote dollies or platform trucks. Some of the carts or dollies will be covered with a layer of carpet on the top. These carts are ideal to keep the TV from slipping and to also cushion the appliance to keep the outer casing from scratching. When you buy your truck or cart, make sure it has the correct weight rating. Ratings at or above 300 pounds will be best to make sure the cart does not break when you transport the television.

The cart will help you to move the television from one place to another, but it will not help you lift it. For lifting purposes, you should purchase some moving straps. The straps can help to provide you with more leverage by distributing the weight more evenly across your body so your hands, arms, and back do not need to hold and lift all the weight. There are several different moving straps you can buy. Forearm straps are available and attach to your arms, and shoulder straps are an option that sling over one shoulder. Harness straps can be purchased too and feature two separate harnesses that secure around the chest of each mover. These products are the most secure. 

When you are ready to move the television, set your cart on the floor a few feet away from the television. Connect the moving straps to yourself and your friend. Slip the strap under the television so you are facing the screen and your friend is holding the back. Holding the weight of the screen will help to keep it from tipping forward. Pick up the TV and gently move it to the cart. Try to make sure the television is centered on the dolly. You can then roll the dolly to your moving truck and use the straps once again to pick up the TV to place it inside the vehicle. For more assistance, consider hiring movers from a company like Wheaton World Wide Moving.