When a business moves, it can be one of the biggest undertakings to deal with for the owner. If you are in this position, organization is the key to making things go more smoothly. There are three easy things you can do during the preparation phases of the project to help stay more organized.

Plan, List, Prepare, Plan Some More

Well ahead of the scheduled moving date, it is imperative that you make plans for the big day. You should have a complete scheduled list down to the letter about everything that is supposed to happen. You should already know who is scheduled to help you direct movers and pack boxes. You should actually number the largest items according to the order they should be moved. Group smaller items together and assign them to a group or load number so you can keep track of what is leaving your building with which load. It may sound a bit excessive, but the more planning you have in place for the big event, the less likely it will be that something goes wrong.

Organize and Downsize

No matter what type of business it is that you are in, moving means that every last item will have to be handled by someone at least twice. While you are in the packing phase of your moving project, utilize this handling time to sift through and eliminate things that can go into storage. Invest in some plastic storage containers or plastic stackable bins (click here for more info), label each clearly, and have everyone who helps pack toss certain items into a designated bin as you pack. These items can be set aside and moved into storage before the move to prevent extra handling and unpacking of items that are not of pertinent use.

Create a Diagram

When moving to a new place of business or facility, knowing the floorplan of all of your large equipment and items before the move will rove to be very helpful. Take some time to visit the new building and draw a simple diagram of the floor plan. Use this plan to organize your items into place and create a sort of map that can be used by the movers when they are bringing in your items to the new location.

Moving may be an ordeal to reckon with in a business setting, but there is no reason why it should be such a problem that it leaves you frustrated. Proper planning, organization, and a reliable moving company will help everything go quickly and efficiently.